Office of the Vice Provost for Research

For more information on EAR at IU, contact:

Alicia Adelman
Program Coordinator

Rick Van Kooten
Vice Provost for Research
Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Sherry Knighton-Schwandt
Executive Director of Research Development
Office of the Vice Provost for Research


The IU Bloomington Strategic Plan calls for the campus to invest significant resources to support research and creative activity. These strategic research initiatives include the Emerging Areas of Research Funding Program (EAR) at IU Bloomington. The Emerging Areas of Research Funding Program seeks to support key areas of research and creative strength on the IU Bloomington campus that are emerging, novel, or current, and in need of support.

The EAR funding program will support investigators and teams of investigators who are prepared to undertake a significant and complex investigation involving fresh approaches to research. The research or creative activity that is emerging or under development should capitalize on existing strengths on campus; have the potential for enhancing the volume, quality, impact and reputation of research at IU Bloomington; and lead to federal, corporate, or private funding.

The campus anticipates funding up to six EAR initiatives over the next five years. For each four-year EAR award, the campus will invest approximately $3 million in cash and 1-3 faculty lines per EAR initiative.

The next EAR competition will take place in 2019.