Office of the Vice Provost for Research

The full Request for Proposals for the second round of the EAR Program will be posted in Spring 2017.

The Indiana University Bloomington Strategic Plan calls for the campus to invest significant resources to support research and creative activity. These investments, which are a key part of a collection of strategic initiatives at IU, include the Emerging Areas of Research Funding Program (EAR) at IU Bloomington. 

The Emerging Areas of Research Funding Program seeks to support key areas of research or creative strength on the IU Bloomington campus that are novel or established, but in need of support that would establish or increase the stature of the area at IU Bloomington. The EAR Program is separate, unique, and distinct from the Grand Challenges Program. 

The EAR funding program will support investigators who are prepared to undertake a significant and complex investigation involving fresh approaches to research or creative activities. While multidisciplinary research is not essential, the EAR program does emphasize collaboration and a team approach. The area that is emerging should capitalize on existing strengths on campus and/or fill an existing gap in personnel that is critical to enhancing the volume, quality, impact and reputation of research at IU Bloomington, and will lead to federal, corporate, or private funding.


EAR Review Criteria
The following criteria will guide evaluation of an emerging area of research. A successful EAR initiative:

  1. Represents a complex, novel, and significant investigation (which may be either discipline-specific or multidisciplinary).
  2. Strategically addresses an area of existing strength at IU Bloomington for which the addition of resources will make the area world-class among peers or recognized for identifying and executing a novel approach.
  3. Identifies an area where the campus can become more competitive with the addition of
    key faculty and that serve the broader goals of the schools/College.
  4. Outlines well-defined, achievable goals that can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively.
  5. Strategically leverages IU Bloomington's existing resources and potentially resources outside of the IU community.
  6. Has potential to attract the external competitive, philanthropic, corporate, and/or government funding, as appropriate to the discipline or field, that can sustain the area of research or creative activity. Proposals in disciplines where commercialization possibility and external funding prospects are not directly relevant or feasible will not be judged by these criteria.

EAR Program Goals:

IU Bloomington’s investments in the Emerging Areas of Research Funding Program are intended to significantly enhance the volume, quality, impact, and reputation of research and creative activities at IU Bloomington, and serve six goals for the proposed area:

  1. Provide critical, strategic investments to advance emerging areas of research based on IU Bloomington’s strengths.
  2. Improve the ability of IU Bloomington faculty to compete successfully for ambitious and diverse external research support, appropriate to the field, and potentially create intellectual property with commercialization possibilities in relevant disciplines and areas.
  3. Facilitate collaboration that enables faculty to leverage resources in pursuit of common goals that facilitate or promote schools/College objectives.
  4. Identify an area of research or creative activity where the campus can become more competitive with the addition of key faculty who may fill an existing gap.
  5. Promote faculty to serve as world leaders among peers in a specific area and/or be recognized for identifying and executing a novel approach to disciplinary or interdisciplinary research.
  6. Increase the community-facing impact of the campus through its engagement with the public.