Office of the Vice Provost for Research

The Bridge Funding Program provides modest financial support for faculty research and scholarship during times when externally funded research programs are between grant cycles. Funds will be used to maintain ongoing research programs at a level adequate to ensure continuing viability.

DeadlineAward AmountContact

Fraya Fox
ffox[at]indiana [dot] edu
(812) 856-1368

Vice Provost Rick Van Kooten
rvankoot[at]indiana [dot] edu


The award amount will be commensurate with minimal funding levels to sustain a viable program and will be based on a review of the funding history and potential for future funding. Duplicate submissions for other internal funding programs are not permitted.

Matching Funds

All bridge funding support will be composed of matching or cost‐sharing arrangements between the faculty member’s home department, college, or school, and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.


  1. Tenured and tenure‐eligible faculty members, research scientists, and research center directors of Indiana University Bloomington.
  2. Externally funded investigator whose project has not been renewed and temporary support is required to retain key personnel and to maintain project momentum until funding can be secured again by external sources.


Requests must be submitted to OVPR through the college or school dean’s office and will be reviewed by OVPR.

Required Materials

  1. Completed Request Form
  2. A letter from the Dean of the applicant's college or school outlining:
    • the need for bridge funding for the program
    • the specific budgetary needs
    • commitment for any matching funds or cost share
    • a brief description of the research program
    • how the research program fits the school’s research priorities
    • past record of external funding
    • efforts underway to secure external funding to sustain the program beyond the bridging period
    • the ability of the investigator to attain continuation or new funding to sustain or extend these activities into the future
  3. Budget clearly indicating contributions from each supporting unit
  4. Agency Review(s)

Criteria for Funding

The criteria for funding will be based on the potential for success in attracting external research funding to sustain or extend research and scholarly activities into the future.



Note: The bridge program is not intended to be a 'pilot' or 'seed' funding program. Bridge Funding is used to support on-going externally funded research programs that have lost funding.