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Open Awards may not exceed $75,000, including fringe benefits.

Fraya Fox
frsp[at]indiana [dot] edu   
(812) 855-8913

Jeffrey Zaleski, AVP for Sciences
zaleski[at]indiana [dot] edu


The External Resubmission program supports new innovative research projects that were previously submitted for, but did not receive, external funding from federal, state, international, or private non-profit entities and whose likelihood of funding on resubmission would increase with the acquisition of additional data or proof of concept. Renewals and continuation projects will not be considered. Eligible projects must be innovative and highly rated (overall excellent or very good) and be targeted for resubmission within one year of the start of FRSP - External Resubmission funding. The review process will involve faculty peers in the evaluation of the project and in the development of a successful resubmission.

Submission Deadline

While there is no specified submission deadline, applications must be submitted to OVPR within four months of receiving reviews from a proposal submitted to an external agency (federal, state, international, or private non-profit). If the final decision on an application to an external funding agency has been delayed beyond the four month period an exception to the deadline may be considered.

Applicants MUST notify Fraya Fox of submission at


See Call for Proposals for general criteria , application instructions, and additional information.

Eligible Projects:

  • Projects reviewed by external federal, state, international, or private non-profit entities that did not receive funding and that require the acquisition of additional data or proof of concept for successful resubmission within one year. The agency reviews of the submitted proposal must indicate that the project is sound, innovative, and close to funding.

Ineligible Projects:

Eligible as PIs

  • All tenured and tenure‐eligible faculty members at IU Bloomington
  • Research scientists at IU Bloomington
  • Research center directors at IU Bloomington
  • Medical Sciences faculty at IU Bloomington
  • Emeriti faculty members who are still active in research. (Some budgetary restrictions may apply. Contact your fiscal officer or the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs for details.)

Not Eligible as PIs

  • Visiting and adjunct faculty members
  • Staff scientists (support‐oriented positions)
  • Postdoctoral research associates
  • PIs with outstanding final grant reports from previously OVPR-funded projects.


Funding Duration

  • Budgets should be one‐time amounts to be expended over a maximum of 12 months.
  • The FRSP does not provide multiple-year awards.
  • If a positive funding decision on the originally submitted external proposal is made during the period of FRSP funding, the amount of the FRSP award must be returned when external funding commences.

Award Amount

  • The maximum amount that will be awarded for any project is $75,000.

Matching Funds

  • All FRSP support requires matching arrangements between OVPR (90%) and the faculty member’s home department, college, or school (10%).