Office of the Vice Provost for Research




Complex Proposals

  • PDS has been EXTREMELY helpful in helping us edit our proposal, creating our message, and shaping the narrative to make it more accessible to all readers.… It was a pleasure working with [our specialist]. She edited our proposal in a rigorous and scholarly fashion, and in an amazingly efficient timeframe.… PDS is a major asset to researchers at IU and provides an invaluable service on this campus.
  • PDS was terrific at helping identify individuals across the campus that have funding in the area relevant to the project. She provided extraordinarily timely feedback, ranging from line-level edits to conceptual issues. Very, very helpful. … I see PDS, especially as [our specialist] worked with us, as necessary for large-scale proposals.
  • Besides her fine writing abilities, [our specialist] exercises supreme objectivity, tactfulness, and a beautiful ability to negotiate contributions from diverse perspectives. These talents make her an essential locus of trust and a key mechanism for forging the best product from large collaborations. … She embodies a noticeable shift at IU towards wholehearted support of faculty.
  • Proposal Development Services was quite a help in the preparation of our grants. Our consultant helped figure out the convoluted instructions. Her most important role of many was collecting and organizing the numerous data points for the tables concerning graduate students or post docs from other units. She also helped revise and format considerable text and did typing of administrative sections, but her skills were the most crucial in deciphering the complex data tables and rules for each. We made the deadlines for both grants because of her help.

Early Career Faculty

  • I am a new investigator. I had never before submitted to NIH and in the last month I submitted both a T32 and R01 proposal. The process was at first overwhelming, but my PDS specialist went above and beyond, providing me with the confidence, oversight, assistance, and frequent communication necessary not only to give me the confidence I needed, but also to submit these two large proposals. I honestly don't think that I could have accomplished this without the help of PDS.
  • I came to PDS very close to a grant deadline, and they really put forth amazing effort into helping to make it happen. It actually would not have been possible otherwise. Their ability to gather the information that seems out of reach to me regarding university particulars was very helpful. It was also great to get a timeline that I could follow.
  • PDS was essential to removing uncertainties I had regarding submission to NSF's CAREER program. Their advice was invaluable. My outreach program would not be so strong if it were not for the helpful connections PDS staff made for me with other faculty and resources. PDS also played a critical role in developing a reasonable and compelling budget.
  • PDS support was really important to me. As a first time applicant to the NSF CAREER program, I greatly benefitted from PDS support, including workshops, resources, and information, as well as one-on-one consultation.

Senior Faculty

  • It is not an exaggeration to state that that proposal never would have seen the light of day if it had not been for your efforts. Really. … If [phase 2] comes through, believe me I will be darkening your doorway immediately…. I do want to thank you for your above and beyond effort…
  • I expected [my specialist] to offer help, especially with the writing. Instead, she effectively shared the leadership of the process in small and big ways, ranging from restructuring our Box folder to consulting external experts on open questions, to offering timely and candid feedback on version after version of the narrative. … She exceeded my expectations. I can add that I have worked with grant consultants before, but working with her redefined my concept of what a PDS can do. … Help from PDS has changed the quality of the proposal, but my team was extremely motivated, so the proposal would still have been submitted. … It has been a great experience. Unfortunately it is sometimes easy to forget that we are a R1 institution, but as I interacted with [my specialist] (and the PDS in general) I felt IU's tangible commitment to furthering my research.
  • IU is my third Research I university, and the work of PDS far exceeds any of my previous institutions. This kind of support is integral to navigating the submission bureaucracy as well as improving the science.

General testimonials

  • I think it is extremely important and useful. I will DEFINITELY continue to use the service and make more extensive use of it. I really think it has a very real and concrete potential to increase our chances to get funded.
  • In addition to a better final product, my consultant’s involvement in the proposal development process reduced the overall stress involved in putting together a quality proposal within a short amount time during a busy time of the semester. I am grateful that this service is available, and I will definitely recommend it to others and use it again in the future.
  • PDS greatly improved our proposal. We believe that PDS improved our proposal narrative, especially in terms of crafting a better broader impacts statement. PDS was also helpful in deciphering certain parts of the application instructions, specifically in what we can/cannot send along.
  • It was very helpful. With PDS help, we were able to streamline the documentation process and converge on a quality draft much more quickly.
  • Assistance “navigating” a funding agency's policies, requirements, and formats is very helpful and speeds up the work/process. Our PDS consultant was knowledgeable and informative and gave great feedback on improving the quality of ALL of our proposals documents, from biosketch to bibliography. I doubt we would have made our submission without her assistance. They are very helpful and leave little excuse not to submit a proposal.
  • It is a phenomenal resource...we have needed this for so long!
  • It would not have been possible without PDS. I don't have the knowledge of the arcane processes associated with grants to be able to submit them without help. I just know the topic area, so PDS's knowledge of internal and external processes is key.