Indiana University

Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Proposal Development Services (PDS), in the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, enhances the capacity of the IU Bloomington academic community to engage in research. PDS provides pre-submission project management services and full-scale assistance to IU Bloomington faculty for the preparation of complex proposals, including:

  • convene potential collaborators around shared research interests or funding opportunities such as program project grants, center grants, and training grants
  • identify funding sources relevant to collaborations and shared research interests
  • facilitate group meetings
  • recommend appropriate campus, community, and external resources
  • establish timelines and processes for proposal production
  • understand program guidelines and communicate with agencies
  • review and edit narrative sections
  • vet applications for adherence to guidelines
  • provide pre-submission review of final drafts
  • arrange for internal peer review of proposals
  • assist in preparing final applications
  • coordinate with the IU Office of Research Administration
  • help researchers evaluate reviewers’ comments and prepare revisions
  • identify resources to support pre-award site visits by funders

For less complex proposals, PDS supplements services offered by the IU Office of Research Administration with proposal preparation advice and one-on-one consultation regarding: resources to help researchers formulate proposal narratives and structure applications; agency funding priorities; appropriate campus, community, and external resources; and pre-submission review of proposals.