Office of the Vice Provost for Research

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Contact Us

Direct general inquiries and requests for services to

(812) 855-2869

ovprhelp[at] indiana [dot] edu 


PDS can most effectively benefit the planning, writing, and structure of a proposal when we become involved early; we encourage clients to contact us at least 6 weeks before the agency deadline for standard proposals, and at least 2-4 months ahead for complex proposals.

For a list of collaborative meeting spaces available on campus, download this PDF.

The professionals in Proposal Development Services specialize in the craft of grantsmanship. To maximize the competitiveness of IU Bloomington proposals, we customize our services to the individual needs of the faculty with whom we work. To support all faculty as they plan, prepare, and perfect research-focused grant applications for external funding, PDS offers:

  • Positioning: PDS helps faculty to choose among possible funding opportunities, or to tailor a project idea to be responsive to a particular funding opportunity.
  • Review: PDS provides reviewer-focused guidance and feedback on written components, and helps faculty process reviewers’ comments to conceptualize revisions.
Proposal Development
  • Putting it all together: PDS helps faculty organize and manage the proposal preparation process, prepares final applications, and coordinates with the IU Office of Research Administration.
  • Events: PDS offers grant writing seminars, peer review workshops, opportunity-specific information sessions.
  • Funding: PDS guides faculty in their funding searches.
  • Connections: PDS recommends appropriate campus and external resources, and helps faculty identify suitable funding sources.
  • Online: PDS curates useful proposal development links, guides, and examples on the OVPR website.

PDS also provides comprehensive project management services to groups preparing more complex research proposals, including:

  • convening potential collaborators around shared research interests or funding opportunities such as program project grants, center grants, and training grants
  • identifying funding sources relevant to collaborations and shared research interests
  • coordinating with collaborators, unit staff, and the IU Office of Research Administration
  • facilitating group meetings
  • establishing timelines and processes for proposal production
  • developing budgets with complex planning requirements
  • determining and compiling supplementary or administrative proposal materials